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161089Trent LaLand grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. He graduated from Arsenal Technical High School in June of 1982.

In December of 1982, Trent enlisted in the Marine Corp and in April of 1983 he shipped out for boot camp. In his journey through the Marine Corp he has traveled all over the world.

In August of 1990, he was deployed to Operation Desert Shield with Charlie Company, 1st Battalion 2nd Marines, 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, embarked on the U.S.S. Guam.

On January 2, 1991, his unit was diverted from Operation Desert Shield and sent 1500 miles to East Africa on an urgent mission to rescue the besieged U.S. Embassy in Mogadishu, Somalia. Trent was a member of a heavily armed 60 man ground rescue force combined of 51 U.S. Marines and 9 Navy Seals from Seal Team 8 that flew 466 miles over water at night in two CH-53 Super Stallion helicopters that required two inflight aerial refueling by KC-130 Tanker planes. The ground rescue force mission was to rescue and evacuate over 200 men, women, and children trapped at the U.S. Embassy before the Embassy was overrun by armed hostile Somali forces that were preparing to assault the U.S. Embassy. He shares the story in his book titled “Night Mission to Mogadishu”. These were the beginning of events that would lead to Operation Restore Hope and the movie Black Hawk Down. Trent is currently looking for funding to tell the story in a documentary with a creative and artistic approach that will include actual video footage from the U.S. Embassy.

Trent LaLand is an licensed Minister and a member of New Beginnings Fellowship Church in Indianapolis Indiana, where Dr. James Anthony Jackson is the Senior Pastor. He works at the Indiana State Department of Health as a communications specialist. He resides in Indianapolis Indiana as the place he calls home.

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