U.S. Greatest Military Rescue Operations

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Operation Eastern Exit will go down as one of the greatest U.S. military rescue operations in the history of the United States. There are some who called the rescue mission an American Entebbe which refers to the Israeli Commando rescue mission Operation Thunderbolt which resulted in the rescue of 102 hostages held captive by 7 terrorist at the Entebbe International […]


USS GUAM Amphibious Assault Ship LPH 9

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On January 2, 1991, just two weeks before Operation Desert Storm, the Amphibious Assault ship, USS Guam (LPH 9) and the Landing Platform Dock ship, USS Trenton (LPD 14) were diverted from Operation Desert Shield after receiving orders from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to proceed 1500 nautical miles South to Mogadishu, Somalia to rescue the U.S. […]


Planning for Operation Eastern Exit

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In the history of the United States, 240 American diplomats and U.S. government personnel have died in the line of duty while serving at American diplomatic establishments. This includes eight U.S. Ambassadors with the most recent being U.S. Ambassador to Libya John Christopher Stevens who along with three other Americans were killed in a coordinated […]


Operation Eastern Exit: Night Mission To Mogadishu

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By R.R. Keene – Originally Published March 1991 While most of America watched the events of the Persian Gulf unfold, a daring group of Marines executed a flawless rescue of Americans and foreign dignitaries from embassies in Somalia. While the eyes of the world focused, seemingly mesmerized, on Operation Desert Shield and the Persian Gulf, […]


Meet Trent LaLand

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Trent LaLand grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. He graduated from Arsenal Technical High School in June of 1982. In December of 1982, Trent enlisted in the Marine Corp and in April of 1983 he shipped out for boot camp. In his journey through the Marine Corp he has traveled all over the world. In August […]


Mohamed Farah Aideed

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General Mohamed Farrah Hassan Aidid (Somali: Maxamed Faarax Xasan Caydiid, Arabic: محمد فرح حسن عيديد‎) (December 15, 1934 – August 2, 1996) was a Somali military commander and faction leader.[1] A former general and diplomat, he was the chairman of the United Somali Congress (USC) and later led the Somali National Alliance (SNA). Along with […]


Operation Eastern Exit

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Operation Eastern Exit During 1980s the authoritarian regime of President Mahammad Siad Barre abandoned the previous government’s policy of scientific socialism on Marxist-Leninist lines and implemented market-oriented structural reforms of economy, while consolidating personal political authority. Broad-based national opposition met escalating government repression and provoked armed revolt in 1988. The resulting civil war caused the […]